The family practice Bos en Lommer Dokters

Our general practice Bos en Lommer Dokters  is located  in the western part of Amsterdam
near the OLVG-west (former Sint Lucas-Andreas hospital)
We have three doctors on duty, Doctor Seignette, Doctor A. van de Lagemaat and Doctor J.J. van Ballegoij.
All doctors and staff speak English and can help you in case you don’t speak Dutch.
In the diagram below you’ll find the hourly schedule of the doctors:

Opening hours from until
Monday Dr. A. Seignette  08:00 17:00
Tuesday Dr. ASeignette  08:00 17:00
Wednesday Dr. A. Seignette
08:00 19:00
Thursday Dr. A. van de Lagemaat
08:00 17:00
Thursday Dr. J.J. van Ballegoij 08:00 17:00
Friday Dr. J.J. van Ballegoij
08:00 17:00

                         Weekend closed

We’re open Monday through Friday from 8.00 until 17.00, on Wednesday from 8.00-19.00.
The clinic is closed between 12:00 – 13.30 hours

If you wish to see a doctor please make an appointment in advance.

Calling weekdays from 08.00 to 17.00 020-6823867 will contact you to our office personnel
were appointment can be made,  medication can be ordered and lab results can be retrieved.

Some procedures can be done online but require early registration.
Fill the registration form. Registration in the clinic itself is also an option.

The clinic closes weekdays at 17.00, Wednesday is an exception as we close at 19.00, during the weekend the clinic is closed.

When a medical problem that cannot be delayed until the next working day occurs the ‘ huisartsenpost‘ can be called, there all general practitioners in Amsterdam work in a combined rotation structure.
Calling first is a must! and you can’t just “pass by”.  A doctor or a specially trained assistant will ask  you questions to assess the medical urgency of your problem. To call  the ‘huisartsenpost’ please use the following number 088 0030600


In a life threatening emergency situation, chest pain, severe shortage of breath or non-responsiveness, call immediately 112 for emergency services. Start resuscitation(CPR) if needed.

In an urgent medical problem  please call 020 6823867 and press 1 during office hoursFrom 17.00 untill the next morning 8.00 , in weekends and on national holydays please call 088 0030600.

For more information on the Dutch health system see this link.