Flu vaccination

We will be giving the Flu vaccination in November. Patients with an indication for the flu vaccination will receive an invitation for the vaccination.

Wednesday 3 November 2-5 pm
Friday 5 November 2-4 pm

People who are unable to attend on both dates can visit every Tuesday and Wednesday from 12-12.30 from 8 November.
Please call in advance for an appointment.
    You can get the free Flu vaccination  if you belong to a risk group;
    if you are 60 years or older
    if you have a cardiovascular disease that will not go away
    if you have a lung disease, for example asthma or COPD
    if you have diabetes (diabetes)
    if you have kidney disease
    if you have chronic intestinal inflammation
    if your immune system is weak due to a disease, medical treatment such as chemotherapy, or medicines that lower your immune system